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The deckbuilder's motto:

"No card is jank, no deck is a pile, and no one who builds their own deck is a scrub."

What's MTG Deckbuilders About?

MTG Deckbuilders is the Magic: the Gathering community that feels that magic is about building decks and having fun. We feel there is more fun in building a deck around an "unplayed" card, than winning a tournament with a "net deck". We think that Magic players have lost their creativity by becoming more cut-throat and want to share the joys of building fun decks with everyone. If this is something you believe in, please sign up to our forums and join the Deckbuilders and bring magic back to it's casual roots.

What's New at MTG Deckbuilders

  • 5/13/02- Site is closed until further notice. I apologize for the inconvenience, I just don't have the free time right now with the Wizards gig. thanks to all who helped out. -WizO Atog

  • 12/03/01- Sorry for lack of updates lately, but that will be changing soon. Today I added an article that I wrote for all you newer players out there, entitled Deckbuilding 101. I hope it helps someone out a little. Keep checking the site in the next few weeks for a cool article that I am doing that will have a combo for every card in Odyssey and a completely new section. Deckbuilder's Deck Doctors. Our specially trained deck doctors will take your decks that you submit to us and critique and help you out with them. So start e-mailing us your decks along with what type they are, what you are trying to do with the decks, and what kind of budget you are on so we don't add too many rares. It should be fun, so send in some decks!!!!

  • 11/21/01- 3 new decks for today. A Type 2 by Vanoc, a Type 2 one by SATANSPAWNDAEMON, and a Type 1 by Ape of Kird. Thanks for submitting everyone.

  • 11/13/01- Added a type 1 deck that looks like a lot of fun. It was submitted by one of our new Deckbuilders, Ben. Keep sending the decks and I'll keep putting them up!

  • 11/12/01- One new deck up today. It's an unoriginal deck with an original twist. My new type 2 fires.

  • 11/01/01- After about a week working on it, I finally finished MTG Deckbuilder's own version of the Magic variant Chaos Magic. It's in the Articles section, so go ahead and print out the charts and have some fun. E-mail us if you like it, because if enough people are into it, I will add some nice features for it. Enjoy! Also a very big thanks to JPDragonX for helping me out a lot with it and the site in general!

  • 10/15/01- Mtg Deckbuilders is created to spread the joys of deck-building to the magic community. Welcome everyone. I hope you enjoy the site. If you think we're all scrubs for doing this, then take a break from competitive magic, have some fun, and go build a deck that kills someone with camels. You might just learn something. If you enjoy the site, you've probably already killed someone with a camel, so sign up for the forums and spread the deckbuilding word. There's lots more to come, so have fun!!!

To contact MTG Deckmasters or to join our mailing list, please e-mail us by clicking here!